How to have a Flat Tummy

Published February 12, 2010 by Qiss FendiYana

12 February 2010

New artical posted in Yahoo.Com…It is very interesting to have an alternative to flatter our cummy tummy other than sit up..Lets try it on…

Killer Move No.1 : The Plank
Goal: To condition your entire core
Frequency: Four times a week
– Get into a push-up position with your forearms on the floor.
– Lift your legs and torso up off the ground so that only your toes and the flats of your forearms remain on the floor.
– Keeping your back neutral and your belly button pulled in, hold this position for 20-60 seconds.
– Repeat for 3-5 sets.

Killer Move No.2: Butterfly Abs
Goal: To work your deep abs while getting a flat, sexy stomach
Frequency: Four times a week
– Sit comfortably on a gym mat or carpet with your legs crossed. Using your arms to support you, slowly lie back until your body is flat, keeping your legs crossed.
– Place your hands under the nape of your neck for support. Inhale through your nose, and raise your chest a few inches off the floor while exhaling through your mouth. Your chest should be moving up toward the ceiling, not bending forward to your knees. This should be a smooth, controlled motion.
– Repeat 25 times, and as you progress, move up to 50 times.
– Tip: Do not push your head with your hands as this puts you at risk of injuring your neck. The purpose of your hands is to keep your head in alignment with your back and shoulders. You don’t want to curve your back.


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