PPM Farewell Day

Published December 1, 2011 by Qiss FendiYana

1st Dec 2011

Today is PPM’s Farewell Day, dedicated to the staffs who have been trasfered to other divisions in TM.x bole sebut nama, kang kontroversi plak… But honor of the guest is my former GM who has decided to retired from the corporate arena. Siap bergambar lagi…His visions after retirement is to learn more on the phtographic technic…agak2 cam nk bukak kedai gambar aje kan? But the gist from his speech today more or less to the our north path as a muslim la…Nk kena kembali ke pangkal jalan setelah jauh tersimpang…al maklum la bile dah keje terlupe nk mengadap yang Maha Esa. Yes he a pious man but there is a space to improve his ibadah actually…Kalau bole nk la pegang rantai tasbih plak kan.. Ni bile org balik Haji kasi buah tasbih wat gantung kt wall ofis aje…For display only…..Mahal nyer tasbih sampai sayang nk guna…x gitu!!!

Seperti biasa, ble farewell ni mestilah ada cenderahati…..Dulu, kalau citer bab gift ni aku n d geng la champion… Sekarang dah bersara….hehehehe….Dah tukar unit kan!!! Anyway, good luck to all yg dah transfered… Kepada yang belum, harap2 berusaha dengan gigih la….Kalau serius nk cabut, kena la usaha sikit…..given effort must be paid some where else…

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