At my door step

Published March 21, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Finally, the novels have been delivered to my door step…

Fuh….so excited to read the books…hopefully i can finish all by this week coz there will be new arrival of KN collection every month…don’t wanna miss the latest publication from KN…

I have started my mood with Cheese…This book was wrote by a 18th yrs old girl with nick name of Cik Qwerty…i guess this girl is using the BB Torch or Ipad….can you see the coordination of her nick name in the keyboard….lalalala

I believe she just receive her SPM result today….hehehe…can’t believe am reading script from a young girl….just finish her school….pep!

Anyway good luck in her coming future…she might be pursue her study somewhere and hopefully she still can manage her time well with her study and publication.

A glance thru: What i can say, Cheese is good as it is, the story was written in a simply way as it is….the story is more or less like our daily life…it is a love story blended from a friendship…Cheese also stress on the importanty of the family bond..

Will continue my reading and will share the sinopsis with you guys soonest…




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