Body massage

Published March 22, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Urmmmm…am waiting my tukang urut rite now…Kak Umi from Surabaya…..jauh x?

Actuallly she will come to my place fortnightly…service my body for 1hr treatment, only cost of RM35…that was so cheap pep….if you go for SPA out there, i can bet they will charge you Not more then RM100 right….but..yes ada tapinya…..lepas urut badan masih lagi rasa berat….

Service Kak Umi ni mmg superb, i can feel like my body mass is lighter than before urut…technically it is the same…may b the aura has come….

This Indonesian will come over to you place if you are in her perimeter. She will cycle to your doorstep and all the ingredient for massaging will be prepared by herself…senang kan? Like a SPA…

Why i need body massage at the first place?

Hurmmm…actually i banyak angin dalam badan..dats y asyik lenguh2 badan ajer…more over i don’t practice the pantang as other mommies out there…at dat time, i was told by my orang tua not to have body massage sbb i br lepas ceaser…ble dah lama then terus habis my confinement period without any proper pantang…lagipun my bb in the NICU about one month, so having confinement with your own on your first bb would be like confinement with no experience….mmg misery la kot….so from that, my body become berat and always rasa lenguh2…..

I have tried to jog and bersenam but the Problem is still there…when i jog, my kaki will lenguh2…rasa cam satu kerja plak cari pasal utk sakit kan? Then i tried body massage…urm…yg ni baru best….lalalala…terus am addicted with this ortodox practice…hehehe..okey what, our nanies do it long time ago pun…..

Okies, here she come…tangan emas dah sampai…..


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