My transnational (KTB) experience

Published April 2, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Ya Allah, am so mad with this trans…from the beginning until the end, i have a bad experience with it..

My travelling date was on 29th March…the bus should be departure by 8.45pm or more or less 9.00 pm…but we have to wait until 9.15pm then the bus shown up…packing up the passanger then moving from Puchong Prima to Tesco Puchong…then kept loaded passenger from Putrajaya, Putra etc lol….

By 11pm, we are still in Gombak, stucked in the jam….i guess i have been slept for many hours. Hoping we are passed Bentong….huh, so slow moving…

Then by 3pm, we have arrived Kuala Lipis, bus has stopped there, without knowing what happend, the bus driver has disappeared to no where leaving us in the bus, hot in microwave, darken in the middle of Kuala Lipis woods…uwaaaaa…..panas and sakit hati….

They should not leave us like that…at least brief us about the situation, what are the mitigation plans and so on… there any rescue comes in? Is there any replacement bus comes in? Where are we actually? Near to the villager or what?

I am so pisst when its time to pee….oh, tuhan…..its darurat, luckily am bringing a wipe tissue with me stand by for my lil daughter, i hv to use them…and share with others….i hv extra water to share with moms who in need….

We have been waiting for a replacement bus for 5 is almost 7am…the first bus comes in and only can loaded about 30 plus passenger, there rest should wait for another bus…..alhamdulillah at least we can continue our journey safely…however, due to stupid people, should the first bus rescue the people who are in need…not youngster who can wait for another bus….the bus drivershould made an arrangement to load children first..then i notice there is an old woman like my moyang…..

I have to wait for another bus, about 8 am then the bus arrive… took almost another 5 hours to arrive Kota Bharu…..what a long journey…





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