I am overload

Published April 3, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana


Alhamdulillah i had a good job and has been attached to important department with floaded of jobs….am feel like full of zest to complete all tasks assigned to myself…..but how heavy the load i can carry? How long can i sustain with it? I cannot figure it out myself…huhuhu

After a few days rest, i come to the office with new fresh air…with a lot of new ideas…am planning my work accordingly…all in chronology with objective to ensure the tasks can be deliver diligently…that was my plans…and of course i worked the plan….

But day by day, i realized, the more i speed up my task delivery the more loads are coming to my desk…am feeling like the work is never end….YES!!!! It is true that the work never ending…but there must be a way to deliberate the task equally so that all are in accordance….am sick of having job unfairly…WHY am spelling out the equality tasks here????

It is because of the DOUBLE STANDARD…..okey!!!

If you do not know how to handle staff then you better go for COACHING course lor…it is hurt when you have to do everything and all are unpaid…when it is time for acknowledgement and bonus then you are now talk about KPI deliverables and whats not….then you start measure you staff…but how do you measure it? It is by deliverables only or by what??? At this point of time then you start to sharing the output from the successful team in order to ensure you are in the line with others..all to ensure you are performed…but how performed you are actually??? Start asking yourself lor…Why you are still getting the AVERAGE if you are performed…should you getting more right…there must be wrong somewhere kan??.

Am sick having superior acting like BOSS…i want LEADER….

To whomever read this post, just take a minute and digest the gist….we are leader or leader to be…not a BOSS….


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