Oh Dealmates Penipu!!!

Published April 5, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Masih lagi menunggu my order from Dealmates….Sensor Penghalau Tikus!!!

I placed my order on 29th March but till today i still did not recieve any news from them…

Cam dah kena tipu ajer…..ni nk kena complaint ni…..at least inform la kt email or whatsoever contact number yg kita bagikan….ni x, diam membisu seribu bahasa….

Huarghh…mau nk g melawat tapak Dealmates cenggini….mau kasi sembur dulu…..

Sesape ada experience pasal Dealmates ni, pls share….


10 comments on “Oh Dealmates Penipu!!!

  • saya pun same, tapi saya baru je order, dalam last week, tapi mgu nie da terima tracking number notification email la konon. saya tengok alamat shipping dah la salah, walhal suami saya kata betul dah dia key in dlm sistem. pastu saya query, dieorang balas, diberitahu yang alamat incomplete plak, fine saya email pd person incharge untuk update alamat shipping. tergerak nak cek tracking number dgn pos malaysia, sekali number does not exist. bingai! google, tgk2 scam. ramai dah kene cam kita.

  • Saya menghadapi masalah yang sama juga. Dah bayar tapi ndak terima produk pun. Nak contact pun tiada tel. Hantar emel, tidak dibalas, Tindakan pun tidak diambil. Memang Dealmates.com ni penipu

    • They won’t answer our call. If you are so lucky then the call answered… Kalau tak mmg rugi on our side… If you are payingbvia credit card, you may cancel the purchase by lodge a report to bank. If you are paying via transfer or debit, burn lor… Huhuhu..like me…next time we have to use credit card for online deals…

  • Dealmates Cheat!!!!! Merchant money cannot claim back, call Dealmates sales agent Sean Pang may times also ddint pick up, email them also don’t want to reply!! Now live chat suspect is me don’t want to accept. Who can help me?

    • They have an office in Bangsar? Can I please have address and phone number is you have. They said they shipped mine 19 Feb and I still have not received. I called Pos Laju and the tracking number does not exist.

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