Work out the quotations

Published April 6, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana


This week i have a lot of quotations to evaluate and finalize the award…huhuhuhu…

This had made me busy through out the week…now it is time to work during my weekend…am so lucky having Asyah, my lil daughter…she loves to come over to my office…hehehe…see!!!


Other than that, there are more contracts to settle out..i have not finish my contract draft for BMT yet…and also my HPSM contract…hoping HP can wait the contract…i believe they just received my LOA right?

With those documentations to be prepared, hope it won’t bother my family time lor….hehehe

And sempat jugak i meronggeng with my hubby and lil daughter after the quotations evaluation…hehehe



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