My sweet small family

Published April 16, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana


Saje nk post gambar ni…so that i can find them where ever i am on this planet…selagi ada internet okey….

The true is, i don’t like to keep photos in my handphone and etc…sekali kena virus, or hp kena curi sume corrupted…so the safest way are by photo album which is much costly and via online photo album or blog…this is much cheaper but the danger is when nuts people use your personal page and photo for immoral thingy like porno, political, scandals and many others…. Kena faham la ble kita share ape2 kat net, sume akan jadi hak milik other party yg establish the nets….itu aje….but pls make sure letak something yg bermoral la kan??

Paling best ble photo booking la kan, print out the photos, tampal2, tagging and tailored by our own creativity…fantastic kan??? My lil daughter pun suke…sambil2 tuh bole la refresh our memories on the photos with specific stories…wallahhh…

Actually in rindu mood…hahahaha…..


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