Slipped in my clean wash room

Published April 16, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Nice kan? Slipped in the washroom….a cleaned wash room…by my dearest hubby…dia mmg rajin cuci toilet…lalala..jgn mare ye abg!!!

Then for sure la terkehel bahu ambe ni…jari telunjuk dah jadi in tunjuk position memanjang..ahaa……shut up your nuts thinking guys….anyway mmg ramai pun tanya, kenapa your mummy finger tuh asyik ke depan ajer…ade pape ker semalam??? Gle otak kuning kan???

But i am felt so happy sbb actually i malas nk g keje last many things to do….rasa cam x larat nk buat keje…aci x if i just end my career here….no more waking up in the morning, redah jam and so on….meeting lazy people like him…meeting political people like her and what ever…malas nk list down kat sini…kasi cemas sajer….

But what if i end up my job at this point??? I think i will lose my shopaholic habits…..why??? Coz my pocket sure will become thinner….my savings will be my new spot to withdraw…i will broke guys…hahaha…and my lil hubby will be nagging at me all the time…another why question??? Because he love to nag me…bla..bla…bla…he is just like my mummy…shadow of my mom….

And more thing, no more lucious thingy to my lil daughter, WQS…huhuhu..she loves shop just like me….like mother like daughter la kan….

Itu baru bab brokes of money…dgn keadaan skg yg tangan setengah function ni, sure am glad to have a career…at least my company can cover me and family ble tiba time2 kecemasan cam ni…not that to say that i cannot afford to pay the medical bills, but how long can you sustain??? And kena ingat sakit bukannyer bole buat main2… Anyway i bersyukur dgn ape yg ada…

Anyway, i got a 2 days MC…huhu..but tomorrow i have to continue my working days….hope esok i bole keje dgn deligently as my bos pun on MC jugak..2 days like me too…nmpk cam jeles la…selalu kan ambe ikut dia sakit and cuti, and now who is following who???



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