Daddy’s Birthday Celeb

Published May 5, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Hi All,

Should be this post published yesterday. However, am having a problem with Maxis Broadband connection…Slow gle dan mmg x der connection langsung… Gara2 PRU la kan… Last day utk berkempen so kena la utilize sehabisnya source yg ada… I likeeee…. Apepun this entry is not to deliberate on the PRU but to share the moments of happiness….


Am praying for your happiness, murah rezeki sentiasa and make sure pagar automatic kita delivered… Ahaks

This time we are going to LAS VACAS Kelana Jaya to celeberate the moments… Dah byk hari dah my hubby dok nk makan steak… So, here we go!


Ermmm, awaiting the dish


Ribeye Wagyu with Ice Coffee… RM180 per serving


This is mine.. Beef Wrap…. RM18 per serving


Cik Yah punyer… beef Burger Small Size…. RM17 per serving


Dessert… Chocolate Sundae… RM7 per serving


Dr.Salsabila order Sprite ajer…hehehehe

We had a good day yesterday, celeberating the day with a nice moments… Even daddy kene keje sebelah petangnya…hehehee…

We all love you daddy…. Lot os kissess from us, mmmmmmmuuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhh..


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