Bella vista spa & resort langkawi

Published May 7, 2013 by Qiss FendiYana

Hi All,

Sepanjang kami berada di Pulau Lang ni, we all stayed at Bella Vista Spa & Resort. Service mmg best la… Tpt pun cantik and damai… Sesuai utk honeymoon… Hehehe..


Since hotel pun mmg betul2 tepi Selat, mmg nice sgt scenery… Byk yatches dok melepak… Best sgt!


Swimming pun harusla ada, dah nama pun omputeh sure ramai omputeh singgah sini…




Behind us is Secret Garden… Cantik!


Sedikit sorotan view dlm bilik in case u ol nk stay sini…




Sorry angle x bagus sbb ambe dah sepahkan bilik itew… Hehehe

Overall, we all suke stayed here… Near to Kuah, Eagle Square, Jetty Point and byk shopping malls here.. Also, if nk beli coklat murah, ada byk kedai2 coklat murah2 kat area Kuah ni… Okey, we all nk g outing and end the day wtih choc shopping…. Till then..


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