Mouth & Foot Painting Artist – Paid via Maybank2U

Published July 9, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

Have you guys received any Greeting Cards from Mouth & Foot Painting Artist recently?

Yes, I do… they have sent me the interactive Kad Raya package. very interesting… and nice to see… chanteq! You may find MFPA products here;

I guess i would not be able to create those kind of painting with my two hands…. because i am not good in painting and colouring… but they do it amazingly…. such a great gift from Allah…

The cards sent with a payment guideline which mean they are selling their product thru that medium… courier service. There is no harm for us to buy and not to buy the product. For me, if you are concerns about others then you should agreed to buy that product to show our support. And of course they are better than people out there who are lazy to find way of earning their own life.

However, my observation is the payment for the bought items shall be made via Money Order, Post Order or Cheque where i would believe many of us having a difficulties to prepare those kind of payments. We are most prefer to pay thru Internet Banking; i.e Maybank2U, CimbClick etc….

Hence, provided below is MFPA Maybank Account for everybody ease… do ensure you send a copy of your payment to them thru email ( or fax…

MAYBANK ACCOUNT : 514012004884


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