Best ever place to shop

Published July 13, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

Best ever place for foot shop…oppssy!

I love to shop shoes at this place, XES!

Kasut2 kat situ mostly mmg owesome… Rasanya x pernah lagi kalu masuk kedai XES, then absolutely i will walk away with a pair or many pair of shoes…

This time, i just grab 3 plafform shoes…. Mmg gle ar! Kopak sat poket encik fendi…. Kih kih kih….

Tp sometimes suka jgk beli sandal kt kedai BATA… A bit old fashion but still outstanding…. Curlass gitew!!


Ni la rupe that 3 platform tuh..

Menggantikan yg dah lusuh dan rabak ini…


Harga kasut kat sini bole la, within my budget…around RM70 sepasang…. Zaman skg mmg susah nk jumpe kasut below Than RM50 dah…unless u buy it at night market… Ikut taste masing2 la…ada yg suke beli kt JJ or mall lain… Hehehe

Kesimpulannya sy suke XES brand… Suit with all type of fashion…top to toe….


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