I’m hating sharing my Personal Stuff with others

Published August 6, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

hurm… i’m hating sharing my Personal Stuff with others. even to the family members…. why??? ask yourself? are you happy when they?
1- take your personal stuff and use it as its own
2- do not taken care of the stuff like you do
3- any damages cost will be borne by you not them
4- maintenance of the stuff will be borne by you not them
5- use the stuff in their way without taking into consideration of your feeling
6- use the stuff and shared with others that you even know who they are
7- tell the world that the stuff is theirs not a lend stuff..
8- show off to others

i have to work hard to get the things whether it is costly or not but for me when it is mine then it is forever mine. you may seek my permission to use it but not necessary i would let you lend the things. no heart feeling okey… it is a very simple principle where if you want it then you have to work/earn for it.. there is no such damn easy way to have a things without effort…

one more thing, please please ‘UKUR BAJU DI BADAN SENDIRI”. if you can not afford to buy it, then do not dare to try it… just dream on…


Sekian, terima kasih..

sesape yg pernah guna barang aku, harap terasa.. jangan sampai aku naik hantu plak!!!!


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