Published September 25, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

hurm, 10 sept officially dk menetap kat Wisma TM Butterworth ni…bole la… jalankan keje dgn diliget dan effective…

target ai nk naikkan rating Team Penang aje… yg lan tu automatik aircond akan terpasang…hehehe

so far boss mcm tersenyum panjang.. harap2 bertahan selamanya…

me with my dust…

2014-09-12 08.35.18-7

dok sini hari2 makan mknn mamak style.. goreng dan goreng… sbb Wisma TM ni x der kantin.. untungla org KL sume ada..

2014-09-12 08.35.18-8

now ai dah x larat nk telan, harusla order pizza… yeah!

2014-09-12 08.35.20

dok sini ai dh ada hobi baru…org lain dh explore berzaman dah… okey la 1st trial

2014-09-15 13.46.55

ni latest selfie..ahaks…. jgn mare.. sy sggggttt senang hati!

2014-09-25 08.05.42


Sekitar My Farewell – GP SS

Published September 25, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

Sedih sebenarnya nak tinggalkan SS…. uhuksss….

Tapi demi mengejar yang satu ni, sanggup aku tinggalkan segalanya… Lagipun keputusan untuk pergi ni aku buat time byk peristiwa perit yang menyebabkan aku jadi BULAT jugak nak lupakan segalanya… syuuuhhh… pergila kau jauh jauh….

yang best Farewell kali ni diadakan serentak dgn My birthday date… tu yang jadi makin happening… joms nikmati bersama…

Time nk bagi ucapan pperpisahan, mmg wa dh budget nk buat brutal habisla… tetiba sampai kat ayat “tq to friends yg sudi share suka duka di SS dan yg pernah bagi tumpang bahu untuk saya mengadu uwaaaaa…” sentap plak!

nasib baik x der org snap pic..kalu x mmg wa tepek bubur durian kat muka la…malu siot!!!

2014-09-12 08.35.12-2

2014-09-12 08.35.12-3

2014-09-12 08.35.12-4

2014-09-12 08.35.14-1

2014-09-12 08.35.14-2

2014-09-12 08.35.14-3

2014-09-12 08.35.14-4

2014-09-12 08.35.16-1

I’m hating sharing my Personal Stuff with others

Published August 6, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

hurm… i’m hating sharing my Personal Stuff with others. even to the family members…. why??? ask yourself? are you happy when they?
1- take your personal stuff and use it as its own
2- do not taken care of the stuff like you do
3- any damages cost will be borne by you not them
4- maintenance of the stuff will be borne by you not them
5- use the stuff in their way without taking into consideration of your feeling
6- use the stuff and shared with others that you even know who they are
7- tell the world that the stuff is theirs not a lend stuff..
8- show off to others

i have to work hard to get the things whether it is costly or not but for me when it is mine then it is forever mine. you may seek my permission to use it but not necessary i would let you lend the things. no heart feeling okey… it is a very simple principle where if you want it then you have to work/earn for it.. there is no such damn easy way to have a things without effort…

one more thing, please please ‘UKUR BAJU DI BADAN SENDIRI”. if you can not afford to buy it, then do not dare to try it… just dream on…


Sekian, terima kasih..

sesape yg pernah guna barang aku, harap terasa.. jangan sampai aku naik hantu plak!!!!

Alhamdulillah – He heard my Doa

Published July 23, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

Alhamdulillah…. Thanks Allah… that the only word i can say right now. why?

Urm, my application for posting to Northern Penang was success. I will be reporting to the management by 1 Sept 2014…yahooo!!!!

Hopefully everything goes well… i want my family be unite forever…

Doa Keluarga Bahagia

This is Ours….Happy Family

we are one

Best ever place to shop

Published July 13, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

Best ever place for foot shop…oppssy!

I love to shop shoes at this place, XES!

Kasut2 kat situ mostly mmg owesome… Rasanya x pernah lagi kalu masuk kedai XES, then absolutely i will walk away with a pair or many pair of shoes…

This time, i just grab 3 plafform shoes…. Mmg gle ar! Kopak sat poket encik fendi…. Kih kih kih….

Tp sometimes suka jgk beli sandal kt kedai BATA… A bit old fashion but still outstanding…. Curlass gitew!!


Ni la rupe that 3 platform tuh..

Menggantikan yg dah lusuh dan rabak ini…


Harga kasut kat sini bole la, within my budget…around RM70 sepasang…. Zaman skg mmg susah nk jumpe kasut below Than RM50 dah…unless u buy it at night market… Ikut taste masing2 la…ada yg suke beli kt JJ or mall lain… Hehehe

Kesimpulannya sy suke XES brand… Suit with all type of fashion…top to toe….

Mouth & Foot Painting Artist – Paid via Maybank2U

Published July 9, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana

Have you guys received any Greeting Cards from Mouth & Foot Painting Artist recently?

Yes, I do… they have sent me the interactive Kad Raya package. very interesting… and nice to see… chanteq! You may find MFPA products here;

I guess i would not be able to create those kind of painting with my two hands…. because i am not good in painting and colouring… but they do it amazingly…. such a great gift from Allah…

The cards sent with a payment guideline which mean they are selling their product thru that medium… courier service. There is no harm for us to buy and not to buy the product. For me, if you are concerns about others then you should agreed to buy that product to show our support. And of course they are better than people out there who are lazy to find way of earning their own life.

However, my observation is the payment for the bought items shall be made via Money Order, Post Order or Cheque where i would believe many of us having a difficulties to prepare those kind of payments. We are most prefer to pay thru Internet Banking; i.e Maybank2U, CimbClick etc….

Hence, provided below is MFPA Maybank Account for everybody ease… do ensure you send a copy of your payment to them thru email ( or fax…

MAYBANK ACCOUNT : 514012004884

Muvee Time

Published July 7, 2014 by Qiss FendiYana


Ni la xtvt kami sejak bb Qaleeda x de ni….sementara ada masa terluang… if not, we all have to wat for another 5 years to catch the muvee…. pepaham la ble ada anak kecik mana bole merambu sangat… ahaks

next week would b my interview posting to Penang… Pray for my success…Aminnnnn

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